Thursday, May 3, 2012


I wonder how many of you out there can still remember this girl? She was/is a Afghan girl that made world headlines in a photo competition- and this woman subsequently took the first prize in the world Media photographic category. I saw a more recent pic of this girl...that would be now about 10 years after this pic was taken...and yea...time in Afghanistan really did this cute girl no good.

Ok..I felt sorry for her- (those eyes you know)- and I took her away from Afghanistan- and transferred her into Sub-Saharan Africa ( lesser USA bombs of "mass destruction" and Taliban despots u know)- dress her in poverty, chuck in a dark night , brick wall and a few camels -to  transferred her into a more "acceptable" creation like this. I still left her "poor"- and decided to create a somber-type of genre in this wallpaper.Download if you like- and every-time u switch on that PC- with those eyes staring at will make you kinda feel uneasy to look into your's quite life-like. ( I  personally will not use her as my desktop pic...that eyes watching you as-if she peers deep into your soul...following your every move- and it bothers me while I work....but that was my idea.) High-Resolution 1920 x 1080. Adobe PS 7 & Dreamlight was the culprits again.

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