Monday, December 13, 2010


Ok you Bikers....I made this Wallpaper specially for you iron-butts! I was watching this documentary about the bikers in the USA- and thought I wanna create something out-of-bounds for a change. So,- I ripped PS7 out- and worked with Panos, Van Der Lee and a couple of other creators to get the final product as u see it here.

Download and enjoy!

Saturday, November 13, 2010


With this Wallpaper- I commemorated "The Battle of Bloodriver" on 16 December 1838- where only a small handful of Boers- about 400- defeated nearly 3000 Zulu Warriors. This is one of the landmarks in history that the Zulu nation- as well as the ANC and their liberal henchmen- rather would like the world not to know. This was a physical and psychological defeat in which the Boer Nation showed that they were deep religious people- and walk hand-in-hand with their Creator- which made them the best fighters on the continent- and did not submit to overwhelming odds.

As with the 3 year British onslaught of 80 000 Boers against nearly 300 000 British- these same Boers fought like tigers to protect their sovereignty...and came out triumphs . Sadly the British was losing the war due to the ingenuity of the Boer warriors that started the first guerrilla warfare in the world. The outwitted British shamelessly reverted to horrible inhuman tactics spearheaded by Lord Kitchener and Robberts- taking the war to defenseless woman and children on the farms- raping, killing, burning and capturing them into concentration camps in order to escape total defeat and humiliation in the face of the world and British public. This was one of the most horrible human atrocities against any nation by the British- of which they never apologized for- and never paid any compensation to the Boers. (See: Instead they- after the dreadful act- carried tonnes and tonnes of Boer gold through Cecil John Rhodes ca-hooting- to England.

Again the Boers was pitted in a 23 year old war from 1970 to 1993 in South-West Africa where one Boer nation of around 25 000 young men and women faced the war machines of 5 powerful nations (Cuba, Russia, China, Libya and Angola)- as well as 4 liberation movements ( Umkhonto We Sizwe, APLA, FAPLA,SWAPO,ANC and ZANU PF)- and still showed the world that they are the most formidable enemy one can have. Thy held back these powerful enemies- and drove them back over the borders in defeat. Shamefully they were back-stabbed and traitors like F.W De Klerk, Leon Wessels, Pik Botha and Roelf Meyer gave away their land to the same terrorists they were fighting against- in the diabilical CODESA hand-over.

Even today - the communist ANC and their sleaze comrades, their media, their police- together with these same nations- and the International world- are launching one attack after the other on the Boer nation- desperately trying to wipe them off the face of the earth. Already 25 000 Boer people and their families were killed since the ANC hi-jack of South-Africa in 1994- of which around 3000 were farmers brutally killed on their farms. Unfortunately for this marauding nations, blind International World and the ANC regime- the Boer nation is binding stronger and stronger each day- and they will- as before- face their attackers again with only a handful of fighters against unbelievable odds. They are a hard fighting nation- and as general Sir Montgomery once said: "Give me one battalion of Boers...and I will conquer the world."

Sunday, October 31, 2010


With this wallpaper- I played around with some new techniques like Kristies, Alf's Border, The Plug-In Site, Box Top Web Tools, etc and programs like Dreamsuite together with PS 7 - in order the create a multi-layer kaleidoscope of special effects intertwined into one picture. This was just a bit of horse-playing around. Still...It came out fab .....I think!

Sunday, October 24, 2010


In this Wallpaper- I was only half-way in the mood of creativity. I simply did copy/paste/refine. I was a bit lazy to go full-scale I compiled a pic that was basic photo manipulation- with a bit of touch here and there...nothing extravaganza- really.

Sunday, October 17, 2010


This Wallpaper I created the same way as the Wallpaper below- same technique- except I used special filters to create the book-like background. I also just took a pic of a young girl- and created a special scenario behind it. My themes are " fantasy " in this creations,- by using real life mixed with fantasy surroundings.


I created this wallpaper by using a normal photograph of a schoolgirl. I created the whole background,- render it black & white, use Photoshop's Van Der Lee plug-ins and some others to create the 3D scenario- and paste the colors onto the black & white background.

My aim with this creation was to create a fantasy background that is somewhat different from the normal boring "High-School" pictures taken by the photographing corporate market...something new and fresh.

Saturday, October 9, 2010


This Wallpaper I created for a couple of colleagues from work. The theme is that of friends that have a happy memory of a vacation together on a remote island. I used a photo they took, inserted a wooded background- add a bit of graphic artistry to it, activated Adobe, Gimp and Panos to create the 3D effect....and spiced-up the picture. , I add the rose- created a diagonal flat rotation of the inner-scenario.....then framed it to complete that extra touch. The end-product came out quite well I believe.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I haven't done any Wallpapers for quite a while....and forgot a bit of Adobe's functions. This Wallpaper was just a little try again- just to get used to the old Mr. Reliable again.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


In this wallpaper- I took a model- and created a background to give it a stunning look...just playing around a bit.

Friday, April 2, 2010


I created this Wallpaper just to sort-of mix reality with a type of Matrix surrounding with a reflection. The name "Purple Rain"- well...maybe because the picture is mainly purple...and there is some raindrops on the picture- enjoy!

Saturday, March 27, 2010


With this creation- well...I was a bit bored- and just sat there, playing around a bit. I did not have any idea what I was doing..and just created this Wallpaper. You can download it if you want- otherwise- just leave it to fill my Blog Space-Ed.

Monday, March 22, 2010


I created this Wallpaper as part of my series Christian Wallpapers. I played with greyscale and color to get the effect in this Wallpaper.

Sunday, March 21, 2010


With this Wallpaper- I created the contrast between the grey life we really live as adults....and the colorful dreams we have as a child of how our lives should be in a perfect world.


In this Wallpaper- I created surreal surroundings- adding a bit of surreal- and fantasy. It express the human mind - the stages of enlightenment- from one stage- through the portholes of spiritual enhancement- into the next dimension of knowledge.

Sunday, February 21, 2010


The Great Trek- One of the biggest adventures dared by the Boer Nation..across the mighty Drakensberg Mountains with puny Ox wagons. Only three groups tried crossing mountains in the history of mankind: Hannibal, Alexander the Great...and the Boers. This tiny fighter nation intrigues me for I am part of them. Due to my love for them- I created this 3 D portrait Wallpaper in commemoration of their struggle for independence and sovereignty. As always- Adobe PS 7 and Gimp was called for duty in this. It was a lot of work to reconstruct the 3 D effect- but thanx to the arsenal from PS7 - I was able to create a masterpiece.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


And Jesus said: " Let the children come to me- and rebuke them not- for to those belong the Kingdom of heaven. " This is another one of my Christian Wallpapers I made for my Christian friends....enjoy.


I was requested to create a shield for the "Cape Free Burgers." Well- I called upon Adobe PS 7 and it's arsenal to aid me in this caper- and yea....this was the result- dandy eh? I created the project in 3D.